PirateBox 1.2 - development log

Posted by Matthias 
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PirateBox 1.2 - development log
June 29, 2017 05:45PM
Hello everyone,

ok, wow that was much: I did the conversion from openwrt AA release from 2012 up to LEDE 2017. LEDE is a (temporary) OpenWrt fork which provides a higher frequencey of patches and releases. It seems LEDE will "come back" to OpenWrt in future.

In any case, I did the conversion for PirateBox to LEDE now, to go the next steps further down the road. The current list of supported devices are running out of stock and with our old OpenWrt release we can not support newer devices anymore.

To achieve this, I needed to squeez a bunch of bugs and also add some hack/work arounds to the OS, because opkg -d is broken since OpenWrt BB(2013) release.

The following things were done with the latest commits (see also Github Milestone):

- Complete change of the URLs and pathes in our build makefiles to LEDE
- Changed openwrt-dev-environment & openwrt-image-build to be able to support other architectures then ar71xx
- Fixed issues with avahi packages, which did not install correctly
- Patched /lib/functions.sh to honor PKG_ROOT again (the opkg -d issue)
- Aligned the ipv6 configuration of the OS with LEDE
- With LEDE we get PHP7 support
- Reworked the logging of the installation to the USB stick, which was broken after update
- Fixed a bug about swap space not being regenerated during reflash
- Implemented a workaround for the autoinstaller, that it can work with new signed repositories
- Create signed repositories with our own stable keys.
- These public keys will be deployed with pbxopkg packages to the system.

The multi architecture build is only tested with our ar71xx build, so there might be additional changes needed.

For LibraryBox, the challenge is to bring in proftpd, which is now an obsolete package, which I need to compile for myself... there is still some way to go.

On openwrt-dev-environment, I added documentation to the README.md how the multi-arch stuff should be implemented.

The downside is, that the older chips, like MR3040, are now a bit slower then before :-( . But in some time in the future you can't buy them anymore... and in far future, the images won't fit to the 4MB firmware anymore.

Within the next days, I'll upload the lede based images to development.piratebox.de for testing. These also include the other changes from the development branches. Now, there is no way back anymore :-p

While testing, keep in mind, that there is no telnet anymore. The box starts with enabled SSH without password , just access with

ssh root@piratebox.lan

Same is true for the failsafe mode.

There are still some cleanups to be done on PirateBoxScripts_Webserver to be done.
For RPi I already did a bunch of work at end of May.. which improved the imagebuild there.

The auto-flash feature is currently limited to ar71xx/general devices. As soon as I have a "another architecture" device for testing, I'll extend the feature.

best regards Matthias

This is only my signature.

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Re: PirateBox 1.2
June 29, 2017 06:50PM
First pushed new architecture & devices: [github.com]

Gl.Inet MT750

Gl.Inet MT350x

smileys with beer thumbs up smoking smiley
Re: PirateBox 1.2
July 01, 2017 05:44PM
Let's say it is 80%. I did a lot of work in a sort of captive portal for PirateBox. In fact, it is a reversed captive portal. smoking smiley
The access to the box is unrestricted, not like the two network solution for nodogsplash. Even if we do not answer a request correctly, the piratebox page itself is still fully usable. PirateBox keep track of connected IPs in a sqlite database, worn out leases are removed by dnsmasq.

For instance the iPhone is sending internet detection requests with a special useragent. Lighttpd is configured to trigger a handling script, which catches these requests and manipulates the answer to forward the user to welcome page. After an amount of such requests, the manipulation ends and the iPhone gets the fake answer to think it is online.

I only have i-devices right now, so I would love to hear your feedback. There are features included which help debugging the internet detection requests. A better user experience with these fake request-responses are based on user feedback.

Only these special internet detection requests are handled different and only for the cause of giving the user a chance to land on a http page. This should help with the fact we can't do an understandable HTTPS intervention.

So, as you can see... it is not about limiting the access, but giving the right answers winking smiley

best regards Matthias

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Re: PirateBox 1.2
July 02, 2017 03:58PM
Captive portal is now working with openwrt and rpi. phew.. for OpenWrt I need to do additional adjustments.

The image for the Glinet MT300N & Glinet MT300A are generated. That works... quite well. Be aware that the first reboot takes much longer then MR3040, because the firmware gets formatted.

You can find the latest test images here [development.piratebox.de]

I still need to transform the Welcome-Box from index.html including some stylesheet information over to welcome.html .. including some information about http and https URLs.

And I need some feedback from tests with android on the captive portal feature.. the feedback should include the output of
cat /opt/piratebox/tmp/error.log
On development the debug output is enabled.

If someone is willing to port the shoutbox (without the global chat) to PHP, I appreciate the support.

I also want to receive feedback about devices you want to have a custom firmware generated.

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Re: PirateBox 1.2 - development log
September 05, 2017 03:44AM
I was wondering if there was a imagebuilder repo with the LEDE support. I'm interested in supporting a newer router that only supports LEDE.
Re: PirateBox 1.2 - development log
September 05, 2017 09:00PM
PirateBox-Dev/openwrt-image-build Branch development.

I just saw, that you seem to found it- there is a fork by the same username like yours :-)

best regards Matthias
Re: PirateBox 1.2 - development log
September 12, 2017 05:17AM
Yes I found it and added some of my own changes into a new project. You can check it out in my new post smiling smiley
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Re: PirateBox 1.2 - development log
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Re: PirateBox 1.2 - development log
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