PirateBox Not Redirecting to piratebox.lan/content for Laptop (but does for phone and wired desktop)

Posted by nhwlsn 
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New to the forums and made my first pirate box today. I am using the TP-Link 3020. I used the instructions as per the main page and I got everything installed/updated fairly easily. The issue I am having is with my laptop (running windows 10) which only connects by wireless.

My desktop when connected by a wired connection redirects to the piratebox content page automatically no issues. If I connect my phone, again no issues.

I have been searching through the forum for an answer and the closest I have found was an issue from two years ago with HTTPS not redirecting. Has anyone else come across a similar issue? The piratebox assigns my laptop an IP address just fine ( was the one it gave it last I connected), but even if I enter the address mainly, it simply will not let me go to the piratebox.lan page). I ruled out anti-virus interference. If anyone has encountered something similar...Here is what it has going on:

rootfs on / type rootfs (rw)
/dev/root on /rom type squashfs (ro,relatime)
proc on /proc type proc (rw,noatime)
sysfs on /sys type sysfs (rw,noatime)
tmpfs on /tmp type tmpfs (rw,nosuid,nodev,noatime,size=14592k)
tmpfs on /dev type tmpfs (rw,noatime,size=512k,mode=755)
devpts on /dev/pts type devpts (rw,noatime,mode=600)
/dev/mtdblock3 on /overlay type jffs2 (rw,noatime)
overlayfs:/overlay on / type overlayfs (rw,relatime,lowerdir=/,upperdir=/overlay      )
debugfs on /sys/kernel/debug type debugfs (rw,relatime)
/dev/sda1 on /mnt/usb type vfat (rw,noatime,fmask=0000,dmask=0000,allow_utime=00      22,codepage=cp437,iocharset=iso8859-1,shortname=mixed,utf8,errors=remount-ro)
/dev/loop0 on /mnt/ext type ext4 (rw,sync,relatime,user_xattr,barrier=1,data=ord      ered)
/dev/loop1 on /opt/piratebox type ext4 (rw,relatime,user_xattr,barrier=1,data=or      dered)
none on /proc/bus/usb type usbfs (rw,relatime)
root@iVWEoiXa:~# ls -la /mnt/
drwxr-xr-x    1 root     root             0 Jan  1  1970 .
drwxr-xr-x    1 root     root             0 Jan  1  1970 ..
drwxr-xr-x    7 root     root          1024 Jan  1  1970 ext
drwxrwxrwx    6 root     root         32768 Jan  1  1970 usb
root@iVWEoiXa:~# ls -la /mnt/usb
drwxrwxrwx    6 root     root         32768 Jan  1  1970 .
drwxr-xr-x    1 root     root             0 Jan  1  1970 ..
drwxrwxrwx    7 root     root         32768 Mar  3 08:25 PirateBox
drwxrwxrwx    2 root     root         32768 Mar  3  2017 System Volume Information
drwxrwxrwx    2 root     root         32768 Jan  1  1980 external_fs
drwxrwxrwx    3 root     root         32768 Jan  1  1980 install
-rwxrwxrwx    1 root     root         75519 Jan  1  1980 install.log
-rwxrwxrwx    1 root     root       3932160 Mar  3  2017 openwrt-ar71xx-generic-tl-mr3020-v1-squashfs-factory.bin

ls -la /opt/piratebox is:
drwxr-xr-x   13 root     root          1024 Jan  1  1970 .
drwxr-xr-x    3 root     root             0 Jan  1  1970 ..
drwxr-xr-x    3 root     root          1024 Oct  5 18:14 bin
drwxr-xr-x    5 root     root          1024 Jan  1  1970 conf
drwxr-xr-x    2 root     root          1024 Oct  5 18:14 init.d
drwxr-xr-x    2 root     root          1024 Oct  5 18:14 lib
drwx------    2 root     root         12288 Jan 16  2014 lost+found
drwxr-xr-x    2 root     root          1024 Jan  1  1970 python_lib
drwxr-xr-x    5 root     root          1024 Oct  5 18:14 rpi
lrwxrwxrwx    1 root     root            18 Jan  1  1970 share -> /mnt/usb/PirateBox
drwxr-xr-x    2 root     root          1024 Oct  5 18:14 src
drwxr-xr-x    2 nobody   nogroup       1024 Jan  1  1970 tmp
-rw-r--r--    1 root     root            92 Oct  5 18:14 version
drwxr-xr-x    5 nobody   nogroup       1024 Jan  1  1970 www
drwxr-xr-x    6 root     root          1024 Oct  5 18:14 www_content

cat /etc/config/network:
config interface 'loopback'
        option ifname 'lo'
        option proto 'static'
        option ipaddr ''
        option netmask ''

config interface 'lan'
        option ifname 'eth0'
        option type 'bridge'
        option proto 'static'
        option ipaddr ''
        option netmask ''
        option ip6addr 'fdc0:ffea::1/64'

config alias
        option interface 'lan'
        option ip6addr 'fdc0:ffea::a120:f540:acf8:a63f/64'
        option proto 'static'

cat /etc/config/wireless
config wifi-device 'radio0'
        option type 'mac80211'
        option channel '11'
        option hwmode '11ng'
        option macaddr '18:d6:c7:e5:83:82'
        option htmode 'HT20'
        list ht_capab 'SHORT-GI-20'
        list ht_capab 'SHORT-GI-40'
        list ht_capab 'RX-STBC1'
        list ht_capab 'DSSS_CCK-40'

config wifi-iface
        option device 'radio0'
        option mode 'ap'
        option network 'lan'
        option ssid 'PirateBox - Share Freely'
        option encryption 'none'
        option isolate '1'

    1 root      1504 S    init
    2 root         0 SW   [kthreadd]
    3 root         0 SW   [ksoftirqd/0]
    5 root         0 SW   [kworker/u:0]
    6 root         0 SW<  [khelper]
   63 root         0 SW   [sync_supers]
   65 root         0 SW   [bdi-default]
   67 root         0 SW<  [kblockd]
   96 root         0 SW   [kswapd0]
  144 root         0 SW   [fsnotify_mark]
  173 root         0 SW<  [ath79-spi]
  184 root         0 SW   [mtdblock0]
  189 root         0 SW   [mtdblock1]
  194 root         0 SW   [mtdblock2]
  199 root         0 SW   [mtdblock3]
  204 root         0 SW   [mtdblock4]
  209 root         0 SW   [mtdblock5]
  250 root         0 SW   [kworker/0:1]
  442 root         0 SWN  [jffs2_gcd_mtd3]
  472 root         0 SW   [khubd]
  481 root         0 SW   [scsi_eh_0]
  482 root         0 SW   [usb-storage]
  483 root         0 SW   [kworker/0:2]
  484 root         0 SW   [kworker/u:2]
  508 root      1504 S    init
  542 root         0 SW<  [cfg80211]
  621 root         0 SW<  [bat_events]
  648 root      1508 S    /sbin/syslogd -C16
  650 root      1488 S    /sbin/klogd
  652 root       872 S    /sbin/hotplug2 --override --persistent --set-rules-file /e
  660 root       872 S    /sbin/ubusd
  735 root         0 SW<  [loop0]
  740 root         0 SW   [jbd2/loop0-8]
  741 root         0 SW<  [ext4-dio-unwrit]
  761 root         0 SW<  [loop1]
  766 root         0 SW   [jbd2/loop1-8]
  767 root         0 SW<  [ext4-dio-unwrit]
  772 root      1472 S    /sbin/netifd
  963 root         0 SW   [flush-8:0]
  965 root         0 SW   [flush-7:0]
  966 root         0 SW   [flush-7:1]
 1260 root      1640 S    hostapd -P /var/run/wifi-phy0.pid -B /var/run/hostapd-phy0
 1375 root      1500 S    /sbin/watchdog -t 5 /dev/watchdog
 1479 root      1512 S    /usr/sbin/crond -c /etc/crontabs -l 5
 1498 root      1152 S    /usr/sbin/dropbear -P /var/run/dropbear.1.pid -p 22
 1504 root      9100 S    /usr/bin/minidlna -f /tmp/minidlna.conf
 1523 root      1696 S    /usr/sbin/dbus-daemon --system
 1528 nobody    2168 S    avahi-daemon: running [iVWEoiXa_piratebox_lan.local]
 1555 nobody     952 S    /usr/sbin/dnsmasq -x /var/run/piratebox_dnsmasq.pid -C /op
 1558 root       936 S    radvd -p /opt/piratebox/tmp/radvd.pid -C /opt/piratebox/co
 1560 root       936 S    radvd -p /opt/piratebox/tmp/radvd.pid -C /opt/piratebox/co
 1565 root     12364 S    python /opt/piratebox/bin/droopy -d /opt/piratebox/share/S
 1582 nobody    4116 S    /usr/sbin/lighttpd -f /opt/piratebox/conf/lighttpd/lighttp
 1583 nobody   15564 S    /usr/bin/php-cgi
 1618 root      1500 S    /usr/sbin/ntpd -n -p 0.openwrt.pool.ntp.org -p 1.openwrt.p
 1619 nobody   15564 S    /usr/bin/php-cgi
 1622 root      1216 R    /usr/sbin/dropbear -P /var/run/dropbear.1.pid -p 22
 1623 root      1504 S    -ash
 1647 root      1496 R    ps
ok this is very strange.
Wifi & wired is running with "the same configuration". So, I can only see a difference with issues on the wifi-configuration client side.

On the PirateBox side, you can try to disable the ap, isolation. For this, run the following commnads:

uci set wireless.@wifi-iface[0].isolate='0'
uci commit

Retry after the box is done with rebooting.

You can also try, if there is another weird issue: Try to connect directly to
Language: PHP

Ok, these are my first ideas.. lets seee.

best regards

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I encounter exactly the same problem with a piratebox running on a raspberry pi 2. I suspect a client-side wifi configuration problem, but haven't found a workaround yet.
Can you try to collect some more information?
Sorry for the delay. I finally found what was preventing my laptop from connecting to the box : the wireless adapter on my laptop supports only n wifi.

I uncommented the following lines in /opt/piratebox/conf/hostapd.conf to enable n wifi :

# Remove # to enable n wifi mode

and it works.
But that will only work on RPi, because the configuration on OpenWrt is different (and I think n standard is already active) confused smiley
Sorry for the long long long delay with updates on this one. I had some family emergencies, summer (lack) of employment, moving, and then grad school picking up again in full force that has kept me away from anything remotely fun.

I ended up getting it to work after I uninstalled Kaspersky anti-virus when my best buy "free" license ran out this August. I did try disabling the software before but it did not change the connection issues - it was not until I completely uninstalled it that it stopped blocking the redirects. I am guessing Kaspersky has some "redirecting" protection with it but it gives you the illusion of disabling said features (not to mention their current controversies with sharing user data....).

That being said, and now that it is working, is there anything I can run to give you some data as to "why" it is working now? Would rather have this situation result in something useful for others troubleshooting.

Thanks again for Matthias and Thomas for your quick responses.
oh man, thanks for coming back to the forum after such a long troublesome time!

I understand, that some AV products are influencing how the usage of DNS requests is working which may setup piratebox in the position of not working correctly. What a bummer, everywhere are such stupid step stones. *sigh*

Many Thanks for reporting this back,
Have fun and take care