PirateBox release 1.1.3

Posted by Matthias 
PirateBox release 1.1.3
March 19, 2017 02:34PM
Hello PirateBox-fellowers,

I am releasing a bigger hotfix release 1.1.3 today. It mostly contain enhancements for RPi, adding support for RPi Zero-W and fix some small things in general.


[New] Translation bt-pr
[New] [RPi] Helper scripts to jump to wifi client mode
[New] [RPi] Helper script to use SDCard without reboot
[New] [RPi] Image adjustments to save SDCard for to many writes
[Fix] Some shell incompatibilities
[Fix] forest.py : Cleanup used folders
[Fix] Fixed localization ID for placeholder message
[Fix] Correct/translate German localization strings
[Fix] Adjust hostapd.conf with comments & additional parameter for n-mode wifi
[Fix] Some help about setting up WPA2 mode for AP in hostapd.conf
[Fix] Reduce browser cache to a minimum, which solves issues with shoutbox and diskusage
[Fix] Trigger async disk usage refresh during page load

As usually the upgrade instructions on [piratebox.cc] apply for this release also. Remember, that all changes in /opt/piratebox and OpenWrt changes will be overwritten.
This release contains fixes for the UI. In case you did not have a custom UI, you should consider to remove the folder "content" (in Piratebox) on your USB stick.

Technically, you can also do a "quick update", but only from 1.1.x:
* Download piratebox_ws_1.1_img.tar.gz
* Power off the PirateBox
* Take the USB stick to your computer
* Place piratebox_ws_1.1_img.tar.gz inside your install folder.
* Savely remove the USB stick and put it back to your PirateBox
* Power the PirateBox online
* Login via SSH to your PirateBox
* run the following commands:
  /etc/init.d/minidlna stop
  /etc/init.d/piratebox stop
  /etc/init.d/piratebox updatePB  
  /etc/init.d/piratebox start
  /etc/init.d/minidlna start

The recommended way for RPi is currently a complete reflash, like described in the RaspberryPi tutorial.

RaspberryPi 1 A, B, Zero & Zero-w
Language: PHP

RaspberryPi 2 & 3
Language: PHP

Torrent files
If you encounter issues with the magnet links, please try to use the torrent files instead:

best regards

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Re: PirateBox release 1.1.3
May 16, 2017 12:00AM
fixed and staged for 1.1.4

best regards Matthias

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