Pirate Box for refugee camps in Greece?
May 21, 2016 10:35PM
I am trying to get a project started, including local filesharing and e-learning nodes (accessed from smartphones, with no or very weak uplink).

People in the camps (approximately 52 000 in Greece now) are practically grounded there, with hardly any access to communication or education. We cannot do a lot to improve connectivity, but we can install local nodes (hopefully modded PirateBoxes) and load them with educational and entertainment content.

I have tested several configurations (https://daedalus.libtech.website/category/level_2/), and so far PB seems to be the best platform. The problem is that neither I nor my friends are competent enough to do modifications on our own. So, posting here, I am looking for someone to help us. If I know that we'd have some support from the community, I can immediately start deploying Pirate Boxes in standard version and then keep updating them as we have next versions available.

Is there anyone here, keen and able to help with this job? Please? The problem is really pressing, practical and concerns a lot of people.


Refugees in Greece: empowerment through technology.

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Have a look at [racheloffline.org]. Maybe a RachelPi is what you need.
Re: Pirate Box for refugee camps in Greece?
June 23, 2017 11:43AM
I just saw your message.
I am Greek too and I would like to help you. Are you still interested in the project?
Re: Pirate Box for refugee camps in Greece?
July 03, 2017 05:16AM
I would go with raspberry pi zero.
And a external HDD. for cost effectiveness, plus more power.
use an external wifi card that you can upgrade the antenna on for range.

What is it exactly do you need help with?