piratebox with mikrotik

Posted by nutcracker 
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piratebox with mikrotik
June 30, 2019 03:09PM
Hello everyone
is there anyone that has experience with a mikrotik groove on a (raspberry pi 1) piratebox ?
i have a piratebox for a while now
and i want to "upgrade"it with a mikrotik groove a 52hpn for more coverage
but i cant get it to work .
i have the mikrotik configured as a bridge ap
and changed a few things in the piratebox.conf as discribed on the mods webpage

i can see the newly created ap but i cant connect to it
only if i plug another wifi module into the piratebox i can connect to it over the newly created ap on the mikrotik confused smiley

what im i doing wrong ?
Re: piratebox with mikrotik
June 30, 2019 04:17PM
here i some extra information about the configuration
this is what i changed in piratebox.conf :

act like dns&dhcp (dnsmasq)
# On which interface DNSMASQ should listen. -i is the parameter for dnsmasq
# Make it empty to disable
#Brdige add interfacce (setr yes to enable bridging)
#IP-SHORT (is stringed together)
# Which IP is your Box?? i.e. 1 =>

and this is my mikrotik config:

mode = ap bridge
create new bridge with
interface to Ether 1 and bridge to Bridge 1.
and interface to Wlan 1 and bridge to Bridge 1.