Customisation of Kareha Imageboard
September 05, 2019 08:02PM
Hello all.

I have recently started creating my own theme for Piratebox, and have had a good deal of success modifying the landing page to suit my purposes. However, I have had no success in modifying the Kareha imageboard. I am able to edit the file using Vim after SSH'ing into my router, but after creating and saving my editing, the board simply retains its default appearance. No modifications that I make to the file, whether simply altering the board title text or altering the default piratebox image, are working. I have tried re-initialising the imageboard script, but with no success.

Please note that I have double-checked the file to make sure that all relevant comment marks (#) are removed in front of my edits.

Is there an imageboard re-initialisation procedure, or another step in the process that I have missed? Are there any other files that I need to edit to see my changes take effect? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks!
Re: Customisation of Kareha Imageboard
September 05, 2019 09:02PM
So, after doing further research I found how to fix this problem.

Apparently I needed to rebuild the cache for Kareha after making changes to To do this, delete index.html located in the same directory as Then access the board via your browser and run the script. After inputting the admin password, select 'rebuild caches', and this will effect any changes to

Posting solution to my original question in case this helps out anyone else smiling smiley