Regular development snapshots

Posted by Matthias 
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Regular development snapshots
October 28, 2014 10:32PM
Hi guys,
after some good work from stylesuxx and some fine tuning today by myself, I was able to create an AWS instance, which is coming regulary online on Monday mornings at 01 o'clock am (GMT+1), build and upload new images.

The snapshots are tanking from:

LibraryBox-Installer (auto installer functionality)
USB configuration scripts (LibraryBox feature)
LibraryBox openwrt package
PirateBox openwrt package
extendRoot ; install software on the USB stick
PBXOPKG - add our custom repository to default opkg.conf
PirateBox meshing scripts ; that takes the stuff from PirateBox-Mesh

(some of the scripts where just created as new openwrt packages instead of single package files.)

PirateBoxScripts_Webserver - the content of /opt/piratebox

From each Project above, it is switched to the "development" branch and then it is generated, build or whatever is needed.

In the end, we have a full repository- different script files and the auto installer. The location where you can find the files is: []

LibraryBox is currently only in the repository but there is no image generated yet.

I give no warrantie about the status of the images & scripts. Technical there should be no reason that a device/image will produce a brick... maybe some things like DHCP is not working.
I even can't give close support on these things.

IF you are using the development images, please stick to the development forum

Have fun playing around and keep asking!


2014-10-29 Used git repository list with links and some words.
2014-10-29 I found a problem with the new package for adding our custom repository to opkg.conf ; that makes the development version not installable without a few manual steps. I'm fixing that.
2014-10-29 Fixed an issue with repository update on a new run. .. That wasn't included up till now
2014-11-01 Overworked the integration of the openwrt-image-build repository. We are now using the development branch there as well.
2014-11-01 It seems during the first installation some packages are not correctly installed. There is a problem on the generation of the auto_package file. I found that issue later. currently I'm trying to find out why it keeps stuck in an I/O issue. Even when the stuff is done, it seems that the piratebox installation does not trigger to generate a random prefix for mesh. so maybe it is not correctly merged, or there is a bug in the script.
2014-11-03 The I/O issues was my personal usb stick specific issue. While fixing that and other stuff I found in our automatic build script, I think we now have a 75% working image again. See below

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Re: Regular development snapshots
October 28, 2014 10:44PM
Differences from normal builds
With PirateBox 1.1, there will be a 3 step installation. The automatic installation will reboot the device three times.. to make sure the packages are installed in the right order.

HowTos on the development images

HowTo enable mesh interface?
Simply run
/etc/init.d/mesh start
/etc/init.d/mesh enable
If everything works like expected, you should see an wifi-network "PB-Mesh" appear.
Of course you have at least two devices for testing and after you enabled it on the second device you can run a few commands to verify everything:

Networking interface
There should be output for mesh0 and bat0.
The long ipv6 address from br-lan is reachable from each other PirateBox.

Check batman interface
batctl o
You should see at least one line output for each additional device beside the one you are connected to.

Avahi discovery
avahi-browse -a -t
Should dump a relative long list with different devices named <random>_piratebox_lan

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Re: Regular development snapshots
November 02, 2014 02:01PM
*bump with mesh infos of dev. build*
Re: Regular development snapshots
November 03, 2014 06:18PM
I made some progress to get the development stage working again.
My USB Stick had some defect blocks, which caused major issue.

The current build on has only one issue: lighttpd does not start, because it can't launch the PHP-handler thread. The issue is, that the symlink /usr/bin/php-cgi -> /usr/local/usr/bin/php-cgi does not exists.

You can verify that with running
cat /opt/piratebox/tmp/error.log
and see some "bla bla" about fastcgi.

You can repair this with running the following command:
sed -i 's,"/usr/bin/php-cgi","/usr/local/usr/bin/php-cgi",g'    /opt/piratebox/conf/lighttpd/fastcgi.conf
/etc/init.d/piratebox restart

So far in this game

edit: This should be solved. Matthias ~ 28th January 2015

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Re: Regular development snapshots
November 19, 2014 06:30PM
Cool. I was wondering whether it was something along these lines. My first thought was to ssh in and try to start up lighttpd from the command line and see what it whined about.
Re: Regular development snapshots
November 19, 2014 06:51PM
Cool. I was wondering whether it was something along these lines. My first thought was to ssh in and try to start up lighttpd from the command line and see what it whined about.

Should be

cat /opt/piratebox/tmp/error.log

by the way...
Re: Regular development snapshots
January 28, 2015 04:57PM
Thanks mcfate, I fixed that line above.

Quick update

In the next couple of minutes a new (out of the order) build should be ready including the following things:

- IRC enable option is available
- fixed PHP stuff (no need to fix it for yourself)
- New Upload tools.

The new upload tools are implemented rawly, I removed the droopy iframe and disabled it. It can be still enabled via piratebox.conf ... but we need to bring that new feature in place.

The upload stuff are currently 3 separate pages which are linked from the main page, one fancy upload mananger (currently deleting is also possible, take care).. and In the description of th upload-advanced page, I added some links and info about the other options.

One of these upload option I would like to see on the front page....
.. if someone is really motivated, he maybe customize it together with a custom directory listing... IMHO That should be the next over the next step,

Have fun playing around and testing. looking forward to your comments.

regards Matthias

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Re: Regular development snapshots
July 25, 2015 03:51PM
Hi Matthias,

I want to create the Image for raspberry pi 2 and need the sources for the prebuild packages in order to build them for ARM7 architecture.

You mentioned at the pirateboxcamp that there are several binaries which needs to be compiled for ARM7.
Which one?

Re: Regular development snapshots
July 26, 2015 12:05PM
Hi BlueSpider,

I think the current binary, you need to build, is the start-stop-daemon package. If you like, you can create a binary for proftpd as well, which isn't currently used by PirateBox.

In addition, you might try to find an ARMv7 version of the hostap for the both (badly supported) realtek chips 8188eu & 8192cuh . []


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Re: Regular development snapshots
February 10, 2016 09:58PM
regular builds are currently broken due to a move to a different server.
I need to review that... seems for some reason it is not using a local repository for creating the image files. must be a stupid problem.

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