Merging repositories

Posted by stylesuxx 
Merging repositories
January 19, 2016 02:20PM
As suggested by and discussed with Matthias there will be some changes in the PirateBox repositories on github.

The first step will be to merge all package-openwrt-* into a single repository named openwrt-packages.

The repositories to me merged are as follows:
* package-openwrt-piratebox (state: develop > master, other branches)
* package-openwrt-extendRoot (state: develop > master, other branches)
* package-openwrt-pbxopkg (master == develop)
* package-openwrt-pbxmesh (master == develop)
* package-openwrt-soshelp (state: placeholder - no functionality yet)
* LibraryBox-Dev/package-openwrt-librarybox
* LibraryBox-Dev/LibraryBox-Installer
* LibraryBox-Dev/package-openwrt-usb-config-scripts

My suggestion is the following:
1. Create new repository openwrt-packages
2. Merge pbxopkg, pbxmesh, soshelp into it
3. Update build scripts accordingly
4. Deprecate those repositories by setting a proper repo description. Leave them active for at least 3 months. Master branch should only contain a single stating that it has moved. Current master should be still available under master-deprecated. Development branches should be deleted from this repositories.
5. Go through the other two repos manually. Remove branches that are no longer needed. Keep other branches, merge all of it in to the openwrt-packages repo
6. Adapt build scripts accordingly
7. Deprecate those repos the same way mentioned above
8. ???

Final repo structure:
+ openwrt-packages:
+ extendRoot
+ pbxmesh
+ pbxopkg
+ piratebox
+ soshelp

Comments, suggestions and help are very welcome.

[24.1.2016] Added library box repositories

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Re: Merging repositories
January 23, 2016 09:39PM
thank you for summarizing this.

I want to add the following two repositories as well:


My idea was basically not to create a new repository, but to use the already existing PirateBox-Dev/openwrt-piratebox-feed, which is used during Package creation with OpenWrt. Why shouldn't we use this one?
I would love to merge the soshelp-package only on a feature-soshelp branch, instead of directly to development or something.

ToDo List sound great. I like to add a transition of the issues, if there are any.

What do you think?

best regards

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Re: Merging repositories
January 24, 2016 12:19AM
Merging it into the feed makes sense.

So I would make a branch in the feed repo for transition, and start merging the first repositories into it, moving the open issues, if any. After I am done with merging I will mark them here first, but leave them @github as they are. Once we are done with transition, we deprecate them all at once, so until then we have everything working as it is.

Also I would need access to the piratebox repositories.

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Re: Merging repositories
January 24, 2016 12:26PM

Also I would need access to the piratebox repositories.
You mean the LibraryBox repositories?!
Re: Merging repositories
January 24, 2016 12:38PM
Exactly. Thank you for adding me :-)
Re: Merging repositories
April 06, 2016 07:16AM
For now, I already processed

* extendRoot
* piratebox

With those, a few more changes went into the Changelog. I also moved some of the issues over to PirateBoxScripts_Webserver repository.

I think those two were the ones with the most changes since the last release.. so the others should be a piece of cake.

edit: I think the build-bot will break on next Monday. So we need to cleanup the


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