drinking smiley Samba, while doing some heavy customization

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drinking smiley Samba, while doing some heavy customization
October 07, 2017 02:59PM
By default, on OpenWRT devices at least, vfat partitions are mounted and owned by root. in fstab, you can add options so that it mounts and is owned my nobody/nogroup on bootup by adding these options in the fstab file after rw,sync and what ever else you have listed. I did this to allow droopy and piratebox to have RWX and everyone else RX status.

for Samba to only have Read/Execute status (as i dont want just anyone deleting files) you need to create an additional user in OpenWRT. for example. (requires the package shadow-useradd and an internet connection to install it)
opkg update
opkg install shadow-useradd
useradd smbusr

Then in /etc/samba/smb.conf.template, map guest account to the new smbusr in this case. Also make sure 'null passwords = yes' in this same config file.

Tested this and it worked for me. If you are having issues, let me know and I can modify this and help as needed. I hope I didn't omit anything.

Also, note that Samba on OpenWRT requires a bit of RAM overhead. at least 256Mb of Ram is suggested. If you are running a 32Mb RAM device like I am (A5-V11) you will want to create a swap partition of at least 256Mb.
you can read up more on that here.

PirateBox Installs:
2x Zsun's (both testing, one with serial interface)
A5-V11 (mostly for OpenWRT testing DIY)
2x RPi Zero's
(one active in car 24/7, gets a lot of hits at Walmart, movie theaters and the mall)
2x RPi3's (both home servers, one Ubuntu custom install along side a ton of other services)
1x RPi2 (currently work server)

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