Mesh Network

Posted by daveyman123 
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Mesh Network
March 06, 2019 08:06PM
Is there an official way to get two RPi's linking to the same html webpage?


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Re: Mesh Network
March 07, 2019 09:06PM
In also curious about this
Re: Mesh Network
March 11, 2019 08:45PM
No, no official way. Only hackerish and then upload does not work across the network.

The better solution would be the IPFS route, that you have two independent systems, which sync up after meeting. So you "talk" only to your local node, which is much more efficient.
Mesh is only providing a infrastructure for synchronization.
Re: Mesh Network
March 12, 2019 12:04AM
Mesh support has been discussed many times, but never properly implimented. The problem is a lack of actual use cases: Unless civilisation collapses and the internet stays down, who actually has enough pirate boxes clustered within radio range to use a mesh?
Re: Mesh Network
March 13, 2019 09:33PM
Thank you guys for the reply. SuriRaven and Mathias
Re: Mesh Network
October 12, 2019 08:21PM
I’ve been thinking about this a bit. Ideally bumping up storage for the pirate box to a a tb and placing repeaters in different bars/ restaurants. I had minor success in taking a wireless router putting it into repeater mode and expanding my range a little. But I am not sure the Belkin or netgear plug in repeaters will do a mesh.