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Discussions specific to the *official* Raspberry Pi builds of the PirateBox. 
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Solve Update problems on RPi Piratebox 1.x.x

by bobf
3 07/23/2018 07:41PM
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Most popular blog sites

by blogbeats
1 04/22/2019 02:24PM
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Can't find my piratebox after adding wpa

by Veryoriginal
1 04/21/2019 06:49PM
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RaspberryPI USB wifi compatibility list   (Pages: 1 2)

by Matthias
40 04/21/2019 01:03PM
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Where is the systog file? I need to grep my cron entries.

by jimmydnet
1 04/20/2019 01:34PM
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nursery schools in sector 57

by satish
1 04/19/2019 11:07AM
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Pi Zero W losing files

by j4ck
7 04/18/2019 09:24AM
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Trying to install the pyForum named Forest - bricked the install

by coretj
2 04/16/2019 03:55PM
Last Post by Matthias

IRC Server

by Teno
9 04/16/2019 03:54PM
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Root Remote Login Help?

by noob.1234
1 04/13/2019 05:22AM
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"Your Internet Access is blocked" Error when trying to connect to piratebox

by Mindersteve
1 04/13/2019 02:58AM
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Can't connect to Pi using puTTy after installation

by 23lobor
1 04/10/2019 03:17AM
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How t set wifi password while making piratebox using Raspberry pi zero-w?

by Jatin07
1 04/08/2019 03:43PM
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Add FTP functionality to new or existing piratebox

by IDE286
1 03/28/2019 05:18AM
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Extending Range

by daveyman123
6 03/27/2019 11:14PM
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Add downloads counter to Piratebox

by slashdevnullme
1 03/27/2019 10:58PM
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How to increase wireless speed?

by unknowngerman
9 03/26/2019 11:10AM
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Raspberry Pi 3 A+

by 1EW
5 03/21/2019 01:00PM
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noob pulling his hair out.

by winston61
3 03/21/2019 12:25PM
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Rpi zero w Anyone having trouble. This worked for me.

by Signul
4 03/14/2019 07:39PM
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Piratebox with Dual Wi-Fi possible?

by fitsum
4 03/14/2019 07:55AM
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Mesh Network

by daveyman123
5 03/13/2019 09:33PM
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The Raspberry Pi Wifi Dongle

by CelestialBean
2 03/12/2019 11:22PM
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Update My Install

by daveyman123
4 03/11/2019 08:38PM
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Add the piratebox to a wired network

by Heortex
6 03/11/2019 08:28PM
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[SOLVED]Problem installing anything with pacman

by m3fisto
8 03/11/2019 08:21PM
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Outside Wifi antenna for Piratebox?

by DM
6 03/11/2019 08:19PM
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Crash of Pi zero W when downloading a huge file

by kimented
4 03/11/2019 08:18PM
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Change ssid from sd card?

by Signul
3 03/11/2019 11:42AM
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WiFi AP with Edimax EW-7811Un

by mrd0ll4r
24 03/09/2019 09:11PM
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Raspberry pi pirate box additional features?

by Fatima
2 03/05/2019 09:51AM
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