17 Months with My PirateBox

Posted by BillB 
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17 Months with My PirateBox
August 25, 2019 04:59PM
Re: 17 Months with My PirateBox
August 25, 2019 09:20PM
Thanks for posting your experiences.

I am sorry, that I can't give you the needed support for the things you want to do. Since three years, I nearly have 0 time to invest in my free time.

If you want to enhance the documentation, you can get account details for the wiki. The registration is not open, because I don't want to fight against spam at the wiki and protect the content.


Improve the file upload speed for files over 50 MB in size. This is by far the biggest hindrance to the PirateBox's usefulness.
This is a RaspberryPi issue, because SD & USB Stick write performance is so bad. so bad!
I gave my best to optimize it.


A change of USB sticks now requires that the name of the new USB stick must be the same as the name of the original. Fix this.
It must be the same UUID. But, this is fix-able for RPi. #200


Make the PirateBox software easier to modify. The base code is written in German. This made it nearly impossible for me to modify some aspects of the PirateBox.
Please explain. I don't undertand this.
You can also do pull requests to change the documentation. Please contribute.


The "Disk Usage" bar that tells how much of the disk is being used for file storage doesn't always work.
Ok, can you specify the situation or how you fixed it in case of not working?


You sometimes have to type [something_not_recongized] (any http website that doesn't actually exist) into the browser URL line to get the PirateBox page to load. It should load automatically.
You can not manipulate the client operating system. The captive portal feature is improved for the next major release, which makes iOS and Android react different (and opens a browser on iOS).

It is helpful to:
1. Add sticker, poster or something in the area
2. Add PirateBox to deaddrop.com

Thank you for your feedback,
looking forward you reply.


The best thing that came out of this experience is that I learned more about HTML, the lighttpd webserver, and Linux. As a result, my PirateBox experience is part of what motivated me to start the cheapskatesguide.org website.
PirateBox' mission accomplished ;-)

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