PirateBox on (walmart) Dane-Elec media streamer aka gigastone?
March 20, 2014 10:14PM
just got this thing for a little under $40 at Walmart and was wondering if anyone had put pirate box on one or could help me try. its basicly doing the same thing already- offline WiFi sharing- And its self contained with battery and everything in about the size of an altoids tin. would love PB on this device a Google search turned up that it runs Linux and can telnet into it and they already know the root login info so just not sure where to go from there.. any help appreciated.
Re: PirateBox on (walmart) Dane-Elec media streamer aka gigastone?
March 22, 2014 10:44AM
as far as I found something on Hack-a-day: [forums.hackaday.com]
It is running a linux with already alot of stuff installed.

I'm sure with enough knowledge you can run piratebox, if you do the setup from scratch without having a package doing everything for you. But doing it with an OpenWRT image or .ipk file seems not possible.

Re: PirateBox on (walmart) Dane-Elec media streamer aka gigastone?
March 24, 2014 08:04AM
yeah I saw the hackaday thing and the info there gave me hope that it might work. think I got a few things to learn to do it from scratch, fun tinkering ahead.
Might be a little late to the party,

but I am trying something similar with the clone device, the Gigastone Smartbox.
( [www.amazon.com] )

Nothing crazy, just trying to modify the browser config to add a chat feature when accessed through the browser.

So far i have FTPd in, and used Telnet. only copied config files and anything else i could find to try to reverse engineer the code.
(Limited to no coding experience under my belt)

Any help or tips would be lovely.

Will follow up with updates if i pull this thing off.

@Grey - You're not the only one late to the party. I have a Dane-Elec Media Streamer here that has been very handy for years. I'm trying to customize the firmware too. Keep me posted.

Fun fact, even very old Dane-Elec firmware supports >32GB SD cards, they just need to be in FAT32 format.
Taper I just got mine this month. I have 4 apps from the apple store and the url number. I can’t figure out how to use this. The instructions are not as easy (for me ) as the description but I’m a fast learner. Can you help me even a little? My email is VFH818@aol.com. Ok looking at my email I’m sure you know I’m technologically uneducated but like I said I usually figure things out and I learn quick. Please help

Oh I get tons of junk. Just deleted 59,567 old emails lol. If you do answer please in subject write GIGASTONE MEDIA STREAMER or I’m bound to toss it with the spam