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Documentation improvements (collecting thread)

by Matthias
11 07/07/2017 08:02AM
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Please share your PirateBox photos   (Pages: 1 2 3 4 5)

by darts
138 06/24/2017 05:21AM
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PirateBox projects list

by lostsys
19 05/29/2016 07:27AM
Last Post by Matthias

IRC Channel for Online help

by Matthias
11 10/06/2014 09:36PM
Last Post by Matthias

PirateBox Forum READ.ME

by darts
1 03/30/2012 02:30AM
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Help i have a Question?

by Painco
17 07/20/2017 06:02PM
Last Post by Matthias

TP-Link 3020 bricked out?

by Lux Æterna
17 07/10/2017 06:54AM
Last Post by Mark Vivian

Out of order installation

by dunks
2 07/07/2017 06:26PM
Last Post by dunks

Customize Kareha board ?

by drmeow
2 07/07/2017 04:46AM
Last Post by Matthias

Orange Pi?

by Collegeguy
22 07/06/2017 07:50AM
Last Post by m3fisto

Automatic client redirection (similar to a captive portal)

by PiBoxJonathan
5 07/02/2017 06:44PM
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How do I adjust the Board title, About, and Welcome texts?

by BeastmasteR
4 06/30/2017 08:06AM
Last Post by Matthias

Wanting to hear about other Piratebox stories, experiences and findings

by NHMatt
5 06/24/2017 05:14AM
Last Post by volvox

Corrupted file

by alessandro.torregiani
2 06/15/2017 04:09PM
Last Post by Matthias

What's everyone doing with their pirateboxes?

by stayxrestless
4 05/24/2017 08:43PM
Last Post by Gentmach

Not enough flash space for minidlna mr3020

by ajcpominoz
3 05/18/2017 04:21AM
Last Post by ajcpominoz

the upload box, and the board

by pesoen
6 05/16/2017 05:03AM
Last Post by Matthias

Adding a link on homepage

by demandzm
5 05/01/2017 10:52PM
Last Post by demandzm

Problem files & network

by LaRive
13 04/18/2017 12:31PM
Last Post by Matthias
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Installation problem

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Reviving Old Pirate Box MR3040

by MonitorZero
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No route to host - PLEASE HELP!!!

by JayPee
10 03/31/2017 04:24AM
Last Post by Matthias

Multiple Request. Pirate Box Crash.

by p3ent00
2 03/28/2017 07:39PM
Last Post by Matthias

WD PiDrive and RP Zero W

by dragon
2 03/14/2017 07:10PM
Last Post by Matthias

Going from a PirateBox to a LibraryBox

by jacob
5 03/12/2017 06:45AM
Last Post by Matthias
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PirateBox Not Redirecting to piratebox.lan/content for Laptop (but does for phone and wired desktop)

by nhwlsn
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Raspberry Pi ZERO W now with WIFI and BLUETOOTH Built on the Board

by dragon
3 03/03/2017 12:50AM
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Free Php scripts that works on Pb spinning smiley sticking its tongue out

by jmac928
18 02/27/2017 08:15PM
Last Post by Matthias
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Need help resurrecting old Pirate Box

by lujke324
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My experience with PB 1.1, MR3040 and formatting USB drives

by MasterL
1 02/27/2017 02:01AM
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PHP issues sad smiley

by Stevy44
6 02/17/2017 08:31PM
Last Post by ascherl

Lan Address Change and Redirecting?

by josephchrzempiec
20 01/03/2017 09:28AM
Last Post by josephchrzempiec

Unable to upload files on Piratebox server. Not sure what to do.

by faugnom1
4 01/03/2017 07:56AM
Last Post by Matthias

Map of Pirateboxes

by muhackl
4 12/29/2016 04:53PM
Last Post by Nargren


by BibAM
2 12/20/2016 04:25PM
Last Post by Matthias