SSH and FTP under temporary client mide?

Posted by jimmydnet 
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SSH and FTP under temporary client mide?
April 18, 2019 02:37AM
Hi fellow Piratebox fans,

I am trying to build a Piriatebox that is an attachment to my MOLLE bag. Basically a campsite server/network. When at home it would go into temporary client nodr and my network would synchronize important files to it. When I take it outside of my network it would switch over to normal mode. I have it installed and running on my Pi Zero W. Normal mode working as it should. I can SSH to it and sFTP. In client mode I can ping my laptop and I can ping Google from the Pi PB. From my laptop I can't ping back or SSH. If I run SSH start on the PB Pi most of the time I can ping or SSH in.

Can you lead me in the right direction on this? Why can't I ping until SSH is started? Why does it fail after a while? How do you start the sFTP daemon?

Any help would be appreciated.