Solve Update problems on RPi Piratebox 1.x.x

Posted by bobf 
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Solve Update problems on RPi Piratebox 1.x.x
July 18, 2018 09:38PM
I have found some ways to fix problems with updates on the Raspberry Pi.
The first is the root partition is too small to do an update. pacman has a cache option that allows you to put the cache elsewhere. First I make a directory where I have some space. I am using a 16GB SD card, and it is set up to use as the upload file storage area.
cd /mnt/sdshare
sudo mkdir pacman

Then I use pacman to do an update:
sudo pacman -Syu --cache /mnt/sdshare/pacman

Recently this stopped working because of a package signature problem. I would be happy to hear anyone's explanation of why this happened. I found a solution:
sudo pacman-key --init
sudo pacman-key --populate archlinuxarm

Then update works.

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Re: Update problems
July 22, 2018 07:28PM
thanks for the feedback.

Are you sure the issue is about disk space? With the last version I changed something on the image build, to make use of an disk-cache on the build machine. Maybe I broke accidentally something?!

Git Commit

But this is a good writeup, Am I allowed to put this to the wiki?

best regards Matthias
Re: Update problems
July 23, 2018 07:41PM
I'm pretty sure it was disk space, I was getting write errors.
Yes, you can put it on the wiki, thanks.