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Discussions specific to OpenWrt builds of the PirateBox based upon the officially provided images. 
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MT-MR3040 after install I cannot see it anymore

by dynozor21
2 11/14/2016 07:26PM
Last Post by Matthias

My Piratebox doesn't show root@Piratebox

by AngelDust
2 11/14/2016 07:25PM
Last Post by Matthias

minidlna - Disable auto scan on boot, disable recreating files.db

by Cantenna
3 11/01/2016 10:09AM
Last Post by Cantenna

Help installing

by Octus
3 10/25/2016 06:51PM
Last Post by Matthias

MR3040 - Change IP and DHCP scope

by msteele999
6 10/17/2016 12:55PM
Last Post by msteele999

How to edit html page?

by kenogo
3 10/14/2016 10:28AM
Last Post by kenogo

Can still connect with PuTTY, but not with the web browser any more.

by kenogo
4 10/14/2016 04:11AM
Last Post by Matthias

Can only access piratebox from manually typing or example.com

by datboi
8 10/14/2016 04:07AM
Last Post by Donald

GLI router - Works? Doesn't work?

by blackeyezero
2 10/01/2016 02:10PM
Last Post by Matthias

Problem reflashing MR3020

by marin0520
2 09/28/2016 05:17AM
Last Post by Matthias

What makes piratebox "tick"?

by bratan
3 09/20/2016 04:00PM
Last Post by Matthias

Is my TP-Link TL MR3020 bricked (SORTED)!

by mshakeshaft
19 09/20/2016 03:51PM
Last Post by Matthias

Noob In Need Of Piratebox Board Assistance

by polycole
16 09/20/2016 03:50PM
Last Post by Matthias

How to restore factory firmware without access to back to on tp link mr3040

by angie
2 09/09/2016 02:28PM
Last Post by Nargren

My MR3020 is going in the bin now!

by coolertech
2 09/01/2016 04:57PM
Last Post by Nargren

Removing Piratebox from my TL-MR3020 - Not accepting password

by coolertech
1 08/26/2016 12:59AM
Last Post by coolertech

removing piratebox and restoring device to factory.

by conraths
2 07/31/2016 12:16PM
Last Post by conraths

SSH Ok, wifi ok but error on page access

by meaz
2 07/27/2016 04:53PM
Last Post by Matthias

PirateBox Password Issue, Help Requested.

by Wildernes84
5 07/27/2016 04:50PM
Last Post by Matthias

Protect with password?

by Bret
14 07/27/2016 04:48PM
Last Post by Matthias

Long range Piratebox with 5V power (or with battery)

by wtsarchive
2 05/29/2016 07:34AM
Last Post by Matthias
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Piratebox for A5-V11 Router

by Timeless
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Can't connect to MR3020 over wifi

by hellocatfood
5 05/24/2016 09:30AM
Last Post by hellocatfood

Downloaded files stadistics.

by mk84
4 05/13/2016 01:45PM
Last Post by mk84

Solved Fail install whit tl-mr3020 use usb drive 64gb whit exfat how repair?

by armino
1 05/10/2016 01:54PM
Last Post by armino

TP-Link TL-MR3020 with 1TB USB Drive

by PublicInterest
3 05/09/2016 09:42AM
Last Post by PublicInterest
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[SETUP] Zsun WiFi Card Reader an €10 PirateBox

by meduza
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A Question...

by polycole
2 04/20/2016 07:39PM
Last Post by Matthias

FTP access for administrative purposes

by sneakybaboon
5 04/15/2016 01:29AM
Last Post by sniper_eyes

Problem while installing on MR3020

by angoca
2 04/14/2016 07:52PM
Last Post by Matthias